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1000 Q&A

[1] How can I start poultry farming?
First you need a space and a pen house for your birds. You need to know what type of Poultry farming you want to start e.g Chicken or fowl( Layers, broilers, cockerel- black or white), guineafowl, turkeys (local or foreign), quails, ducks/geese. You need to know your financial capacity base on the numbers you will keep. Then you can begin preparation for the housing.
Steps to take include
a) Preparatory phase which is broken down to
I) Decision making on the type of bird while considering peculiarities and market acceptance.
II) Carry out feasibility study in your area
III) Get business plan to enable you know the cost input and output.
IV) Hire a Veterinarian/Animal production expert to guide your decision.
b) implementation phase broken down into
I) Land acquisition
II) Hire a animal production expert and civil engineer to construct the building.
III) get your laborers based on your business plan model.
IV) Get your chicks.
V) Hire animal healthcare provider to manage the farm.

[2] How do I prepare the housing?
You can start by visiting a nearby farm and seeing the design or employ the service of a veterinary doctor or animal scientist/productionist. Make some inquiries about the housing style and put in mind the number you will like to keep.

[3] What is poultry farming?
Poultry farming is a type of farming where the farmer rear either chicken, turkey, guineafowl, ducks, quails or a combination of two or three of the birds for the purpose of meat and/or eggs.

[4] What is the best breed of broilers.
There's is no best but bests, while making your choices try to look into disease seriously. Do not buy birds from hatchery with incidence of disease. Avoid such hatchery.

[5] Which hatchery/company is the best?
There are plenty of hatchery around, get the best.

[6] 6. I changed to next feed stage and since then my bird are not eating?
Change of feed can turn to a big issue in poultry as slight change in nutritional requirement can seriously affect their performance. You may have such problem especially when using pellets. Your birds maybe too immature to consume such feed. Try to mash the feed partially or give the feed alongside the previous stage until they get use to their present feed stage. Or continue the previous feed until birds are matured enough.

[7] 7. Can I change from one brand of feed to another without causing problem?
Yes but no. it may affect birds either negatively or positively. You must make sure the problem you are facing is the brand of feed before changing it. Do not change too feed frequent.

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