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How It Works

Parent organisation : Vet World Veterinary Care Services

Poultry soft intend to bring buyers and sellers together transacting business in good faith and with ease. We have studied the Poultry industry for quite some time now and have developed a template that will ease the stress buyers and sellers undergo all these years. Please note that the privacy policy stated here is part of terms and condition governing the site. You are encouraged to read the terms before using the site. We operate in two basic way.

1. Brokered item: Items here are not paid to be advertised. The seller in this case chose to allow Poultry Soft to get buyers for the item and commission fee will be added. The buyers of such items shall make payment to Poultry Soft and the seller shall be informed of the payment and will only be funded accordingly after such item is delivered to the buyer otherwise the buyer will be refunded immediately. This way the buyer and seller are protected. All sellers using this avenue should note that this is a free online marketplace and so Poultry Soft will not waste it's time and effort advertising product without competitive price or ingenuine.

2. Advertise item: A product displayed on site and/or app and others affiliate sites of which phone number and address are displayed. Such items are paid to be advertised. Such a product are only advertise on our platform and buyers are expected to contact the seller for additional information and also to buy the item. Sellers are advised to use this avenue if have unique price for the product they selling.

By using the platform, you have accepted:
+ That you are in possession ( not a double dealing) of the product you are selling and that buyers can make further inquiries on the product.
+ That you will deliver the product as is posted on the site, including but not limited to size, weight, package, color, liveability and strain (life animals) brand, form and expiry. That you will deliver in the stipulated time and the product can be subjected to further clarification and confirmation before payment.
+ That Poultry soft has the right to withhold/delay your payment without compensation/relieve in any event where the buyer did not accept/satisfied with the product delivered base on the fact that the product did not meet the standard of what was posted on the website.
+ That you have accepted to replace mortalities where they exceed 10% in case of chicks and 5% in case of adult birds at delivery point.
+ That Poultry soft will ceased to allow you post product on her site without recourse where there's several of such complain from the buyers.
+ That you will deliver the item within the location (capital city) on site and you will use open venue to deliver the item within the boundaries.
+ That you will not subject Poultry Soft to any liability in your failure to deliver the product or if additional cost is incurred based on circumstances surrounding such transaction. You are free to refuse to deliver a product within the 24 hours of the product life. You will be sanctioned if after first refusal the product remain on our site.
+ That the hours of delivery are to Mondays to Saturdays.
+ That where the item is a brokered item, Poultry Soft shall add 6% brokered fee automatically and will deduct same before paying you the principal money.
+ That you will furnish us with genuine information of the product or services and the mode of operation if you are an employee of an establishment posting an item on their behalf.

You are advised to make an enquiry before placing an order for item(s) posted on our site. As you buy product on our site. You have agreed that:
+ That you will not subject us or the seller to unnecessary scrutiny on a product after acceptance.
+ That you will furnish us with additional premise address of a known address within the location; opens atleast to, Mondays to Saturdays. This address will be used for delivery in event where you are not available to pick up your delivery(s). That you will accept all liabilities of lack of product verification or confirmation and losses that your unavailability has caused you.
+ That the person(s) you gave the responsibility to accept the product in your stead have no right to reject the item as such person may not be fully conversant of the product. Where you insisted and instructed that product be rejected by such person, a 10% will be deducted as compensation before refund.
+ Where you rejected the product after delivery without reason or where Poultry Soft is not satisfied with the reason you gave, a 10% deduction shall be made to pay the seller as compensation.
+ Poultry Soft will not accept liability after you accept delivery of a product you ordered.
+ Poultry Soft shall not become party/liable to a transaction you carried out with a seller where payment(s) were not made on our account or our authorized payment merchant. All advertisements are the sole responsibility of the advertiser.
+ Where there's delivery failure of an item you purchased Poultry Soft can ask you to choose items of similar value to be delivered. You have the to reject such offer and in the event Poultry Soft will refund your money within 10 working days.

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