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Why should I register?
Poultry soft requires your information to streamline activities on the platform.

What is a brokered item?
Brokered item: Items here are not paid to be advertised. The seller in this case chose to allow Poultry Soft to get buyers for the item and commission fee will be added. The buyers of such items shall make payment to Poultry Soft and the seller shall be informed of the payment and will only be funded accordingly after such item is delivered to the buyer otherwise the buyer will be refunded immediately. This way the buyer and seller are protected. All sellers using this avenue should note that this is a free online marketplace and so Poultry Soft will not waste it's time and effort advertising product without competitive price or ingenuine.

What is advertised item or ads?
Advertised item: A product displayed on site and/or app and others affiliate sites of which phone number and address are displayed. Such items are paid to be advertised. Such a product are only advertise on our platform and buyers are expected to contact the seller for additional information and also to buy the item. Sellers are advised to use this avenue if have unique price for the product they selling.

Is the online payment safe?
Yes. The platform is built on high-grade Bank-level security. We work with payment processors of proven record. We also accept cash deposit for individuals that are still unsure of the website security. Simply pick the account number accurately and make your payments

After making Cash deposit how will I notify Poultry Soft?
Yes you send an email to of details of the transaction including scanned copy of the deposit slip. Within 48hours of week days Poultry Soft will contact you to confirm the transaction.

Is it safe to purchase items on the site?
Yes. Here brokered item are even safer. This is because sellers and buyers are protected from fraud. For instance a buyer will get a refund of his money when an item he/she purchased are not delivered/damaged/misrepresented on the site. The seller on the other is protected from stress/maltreatment/loss a buyer could cause him/her.

How long will it take to deliver my purchased items?
10 working days period. If such item is not delivered a refund process is immediately activated.

What if the items delivered are damaged or dead in case of live birds?
If its a life bird. Sellers are advised to replace the dead ones with healthy live bird once the dead record is more than 10% chicks and more than 5% for adult birds. For instance if you ordered for 50 chicks and 5 chicks died, a replacement is not a must but if more than 5 are dead a replacement is a must except if there's understanding between you and the seller.

Who am I paying to? The seller directly or Poultry Soft?
For advertised item Poultry Soft play no part in payment or delivery. You are solely responsible for your transaction with the seller. But for brokered item Poultry Soft receive payment from the buyer and ensures that the item is delivered in good condition before remittance is made to the seller.

As a seller, if Poultry Soft helps me sell, how long does it take to get paid?
24-48 hour after the buyers' confirmation of delivery.

How much commissions does Poultry Soft take for helping me sell?
6% commission.

As a seller of an item is there a reason Poultry Soft will not pay me?
Yes there is. If you fail to deliver the item. Or where the item posted is not same with the one delivered. An item must posted must be the same with the one delivered which includes and not limited to size, weight, package, color, liveability and strain (life animals) brand, form and expiry.

What if a buyer pays for goods that are out of stock?
In such situations the buyer is asked to choose other similar items or he/she request for a refund.

As a buyer, under what conditions do I get a refund?
When an item is out of stock/not delivered/issues surrounding a purchased item

If I am to get a refund, how long does it take to be paid?
10 working days.

Will Poultry Soft refund the same amount of money I paid?
Yes but not in all circumstances. In situations where the Poultry Soft is satisfied that the item is the same with the one on its website and the buyer chose to reject the item for no reason, then a 10% deduction shall be made before refund is made. Again in situations where you instructed a third who will collect the item on your behalf to reject the item, a10% deduction shall be made to compensate the seller.

If I am not available can someone receive the item on my behalf?
Yes. You are supposed to fill in a second address of a known location that opens, Mondays to Saturdays within the region where you are located to receive item on your behalf. Such third party recipient has no right to reject the item.

What if I insist that the person acting on my behalf should reject the item?
Yes he/she can reject the item but a 10% compensation fee shall be deducted to pay the seller. Poultry Soft advised that you should be in place to reject an item. Only your reasons is acceptable for any item rejected.

What if I continue transaction with the seller off-website?
You are free to continue your transaction off-site but know that Poultry Soft is not liable in anyway for such transaction.

Do Poultry Soft play a role on advertised item?
No Poultry Soft on advertise as is and is not liable for any fraud that could happen between the buyer and seller

Can a seller post item for brokerage that he/she is not in possession?
No. At any a buyer may come up and so you are advised to be in possession of the item you are selling. Poultry Soft will not continue to tolerate situation where the item continue to be unavailable.

Can a seller or buyer change location for delivery?
No. We will not entertain change of location from either party.

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